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Restorative Chimney Cleaning

Lower your energy costs while keeping your family safe from fires with Pickett's Chimney Sweep & Liners of Scarborough and Gray, Maine. Our specialists offer complete chimney cleaning and inspections to ensure your home stays warm and free of dangerous elements.
Chimney Inspection - Chimney Services in Gray, ME

Chimney Sweeping

We have two full time employees that inspect and clean previously installed M-Flex stainless steel liners on an anniversary based schedule all year around. We charge only $125 for our cleanings and $65 if you have any additional flues needing a sweep. We also welcome any and all new customers at the same low prices.

Pickett's Chimney Sweep and Liners will inspect and clean chimneys only if needed. In times of high heating costs it is nice to know if your chimney does not need cleaning. If so, we will inspect at no charge and check again the following anniversary date. With new energy efficient furnaces and boilers, you may not need your chimney cleaned for two or three years as the new system burns so clean. Wood stoves typically need annual cleanings if not more often. This depends on the wood, the stove, and the amounts of wood you burn. If in doubt, be safe and call for a free inspection.

Pickett's Chimney Sweep and Liners offers regular sweeps and we also use the Viper System for all of our furnace and boiler cleanings as well as pellet stove cleanings which have much more of a light dusty substance that cleans well with a soft Viper Brush. At Pickett's Chimney Sweep and Liners I instruct my sweeps to always sweep wood burning flues from the roof top with regular rods and heavy stiffer brushes to make sure to remove the creosoot that builds up on chimney walls. This method is much more effective than the softer Viper Brush. With this method you are on the roof to also clean the screen on your cap which is very important to help avoid build up on the chimney walls.

Pickett's Chimney Sweep and Liners will meet all your needs—even emergency or weekend cleanings to better meet your schedule.

Contact us to eliminate the risk of fire with our chimney cleaning services.